About Us

We strive to be a partnership of patient and disease advocacy groups, responsible industry leaders and concerned citizens who believe that Americans should have access to the tools necessary to make the best and most informed decisions for their health and the health of their families.

Partners for Better Care has worked together to establish a core set of principles contained in a new, nonpartisan Patient Charter. Together, we will rally around this Charter as a broad roadmap for the next generation of health care, and we will start a national conversation backed by millions of patients and the most relevant players.

High-quality medical care is available in the United States, but many Americans are unable to access the care they need. Access to affordable, patient-centered care and innovations—including coverage of preventive services, tools for management of chronic conditions, coordinated care management and specialist care, innovative therapies and technologies and treatments for any medical condition or emergency—is critical. Although more Americans than ever before now have health care coverage, out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles and cost-sharing for medical services, are escalating at substantially disproportionate rates compared to the wages of the average American. Additionally, complicated benefit designs such as prescription tiering and narrow physician networks are making it increasingly difficult to access quality care, and increasingly essential for patients to understand how to purchase coverage.

Based on extensive opinion research and policy analysis, the priority policy issues for Partners for Better Care can be categorized into six areas of focus. Our priority issues, all of which must be culturally competent, include:

  • Predictable, manageable out-of-pocket costs, and limited cost shifting
  • Transparency of cost and quality information
  • Provider network adequacy
  • Reasonable health system costs
  • Fair and stable formularies and equitable access to therapies
  • Easy, quick, fair, and understandable appeals processes

Aimed at tackling these issue areas comprehensively, Partners for Better Care helps patients and their allies by advocating for the next generation of health care based on key principles of patient-centered quality care, availability, transparency and affordability. And we hope you will join us.