Statement on Health Care Executive Order

Partners for Better Care, a partnership of patient advocacy organizations and a diverse group of healthcare stakeholders, including industry and payers has concerns that the healthcare executive order signed today would further destabilize the individual market and remove critical protections for patients. The executive order runs contrary to our health care principles in several areas, including:

  • eliminating requirements that all health plans provide meaningful coverage and an appropriate scope of benefits;
  • allowing pre-existing conditions and rating restrictions; and,
  • permitting annual and lifetime caps on care, including treatments and therapies.

Partners is prepared to provide expert input during the anticipated public comment periods. Changes to regulations will only occur after a formal process that is not expected to be completed before the 2018 plan year begins.

As experts on patient-centered care, Partners and its members are proud to serve as a resource to policymakers and thought leaders. We remain committed to working with Congress, the Administration and other healthcare stakeholders to to ensure that changes to the health system work for all Americans, especially those living with debilitating conditions.