Health Care Principles

Partners for Better Care (“Partners”) is a coalition led by patients and their allies advocating for the next generation of health care. Our members are patient advocacy organizations and other healthcare stakeholders who are working together with policymakers to develop the best solutions to today’s health care challenges. Partners represents more than 100 million patients living with a wide range of chronic and acute conditions, and we believe that Americans should have access to the necessary care to improve their health and the health of their families.

With the strong backbone of our nonpartisan Patient Charter, Partners’ members developed our health care principles. As experts on patient-centered care, Partners and its members are proud to serve as a resource to policymakers and thought leaders. We remain committed to working with Congress, the Administration and other healthcare stakeholders to advance the following principles:

  1. Ensure health plans provide meaningful coverage and an appropriate scope of benefits. All plans – whether offered by employers or provided through the private or public market, including Medicare and Medicaid — must include coverage of preventive services, tools for management of chronic conditions, coordinated care and specialist care, innovative therapies and technologies, and mental health services.
  2. Prohibit pre-existing condition exclusions to ensure that all individuals, particularly those with chronic conditions, cannot be denied coverage, charged unreasonable premiums or be denied renewability.
  3. Ensure access to quality care by maintaining diverse risk pools and restricting plans from charging more based on age or health status or excluding or limiting coverage for one type of patient or condition.
  4. Enhance affordability and reduce out-of-pocket costs through subsidies, tax policies, or new, creative mechanisms to limit cost shifting to patients.
  5. Maintain the ban on annual and lifetime limits to ensure patients and their families receive needed medical care throughout the year and over a lifetime. For patients, annual and lifetime caps on treatments, therapies, and other care can contribute to significant complications, including limiting the ability to work.
  6. Continue to allow young adults to stay on their parents’ plan through age 26, which makes health insurance easier to obtain and more affordable for all. Young people living with debilitating conditions need consistent, affordable and accessible treatments and therapies.
  7. Ensure quality Medicare and Medicaid coverage so our nation’s seniors, disabled and low-income individuals in all states have access to the coverage, services and care they need.
  8. Encourage quality and cost innovations through the development of patient-centered approaches that incorporate patient experience into policy development and value strategies.

Partners for Better Care and its members believe that every American should have access to affordable, high-quality, patient-centered coverage. We will continue working with Congress, the Administration, and other health care stakeholders to ensure health system changes work for all Americans, especially those living with debilitating conditions.

For more information about Partners, our health care principles or Patient Charter, please contact Mary Richards, Executive Director, at