Our Focus
  • Predictable, manageable out-of-pocket costs, and limited cost shifting
  • Transparency of cost and quality information
  • Provider network adequacy
  • Reasonable health system costs
  • Fair and stable formularies and equitable access to therapies
  • Easy, quick, fair, and understandable appeals processes

Our focus is based on research, including extensive interviews with patients and consumers. This research coupled with membership expertise and input is the foundation for our work; a foundation that will guide the development of all aspects of the Partners for Better Care coalition work. Our research and partners have defined a core set of principles to be reflected in a new, nonpartisan Patient Charter. This Patient Charter was collaboratively developed to reflect the focus outlined above and will ultimately serve as a broad roadmap for the next generation of health care. Key to this patient-centered focus is the belief that patients have the right to dignified, culturally competent quality health care.