Transparency of Cost & Quality Information

Transparency means consumer-friendly, easily understandable and readily accessible information that is complete and up to date. Consumers should be able to understand their treatment options, receive full information on discharge and outcomes data, quality metrics, and cost of the providers that they are seeing prior to receiving care. By giving patients access to this valuable information, we believe consumers will make better decisions about their care and will be able to more adequately manage their health care costs. In a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll , roughly 7 in 10 patients say they would use information on network adequacy, out-of-network costs, claim denial and appeals, and costs for services when shopping for a health insurance plan.

A report from Castlight found massive disparities in the cost of doctor visits, procedures, and tests—both within the same metro areas and nationwide. Costs vary so widely because there are no uniform standards in the health care system, as insurers and providers negotiate independently for each of the insurer’s networks.