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Recognizing that there is strength in numbers, members will benefit from increased organizational bandwidth, dedicated staff and capacity through the partnership’s communication, advocacy and research activities while promoting a holistic approach to member-defined pressing health care issues and challenges. Partners for Better Care will also raise member profiles by putting them in the public eye, increasing their visibility and becoming part of a national voice focused on media, policymakers, regulators and presidential candidates.

To transform the U.S. health system, we must involve all relevant industry leaders in the conversation. We are actively seeking membership from insurers, hospital systems, and provider groups that believe multi-stakeholder cooperation is the answer to achieving optimum patient care. Click here for more information about how we view the role of industry along side our Patient Charter.

If you’re interested in becoming an industry leader or an advocacy partner in our coalition, please fill out the contact form below and a team member will reach out with additional information.